The Millionaires MAP™
is the most powerful prosperity tool
I've yet to encounter in 20 years of studying money and
personal development...

Patrick Combs, bestselling author, Major In Success; master speaker, entertainer, storyteller;
Co-Founder, The Good Thinking Company;


You’re about to embark on an adventure of your imagination that can truly transform your life—as it has mine. The Millionaire’s MAP™ is a 21-day interactive game, which fuses the power of your mind with the science of purposeful design. It’s an original and fun journey in thinking bigger and attracting greater abundance, wealth and good fortune.

Your Playbook for Prosperity
The Millionaire’s MAP™ is based on the infinite Fibonacci Sequence, which I learned of at age 12. It accesses a powerful, ancient code—the Universal Divine Code of growth and success. It has fascinated geniuses from Pythagoras to Da Vinci to Einstein to Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc., to Dan Brown, who featured it in The Da Vinci Code.

Featuring 21 short chapters, one for each day, the book is an easy way to activate the power of the code in your life and future. The Millionaire’s MAP™ is the first book in history to integrate this mysterious code into an easy method for blueprinting your future and creating the life you desire.

• Experience creativity, fun, freedom and magic around money, spending and wealth growth
• Gain greater clarity about the life values that are most important to you
• Explore and focus your infinite imagination’s power to realize your innate talents and genius
• Upgrade any scarcity or “just enough” thinking patterns to new patterns of increasing cash   flow and lasting abundance
• Practice dealing with larger and larger sums of money
• Set the stage to receive true wealth and abundance, in all areas of your life

Enjoy your Millionaire’s MAP™ journey…
To Infinity—and Beyond!

Matthew Cross
President, Leadership Alliance
Fortune 100 consultant, speaker & author